3 And A Bit Keyword Pitfalls To Avoid

As you all well know, keywords play an important role in any SEO campaign – they are, in affect, the backbone of SEO strategy. If used well, you’ll generate more traffic onto your site, meaning more sales – always good news! However, there are a few little mistakes that are so often made, but, if rectified, can make all the difference to your site. “What are those mistakes?” we hear you cry. Well hold tight a minute, we’re getting to it. Below are three (and a bit) pitfalls that you should be avoiding:

Targeting keywords based on market research

Data may tell you what specific thing your customer wants, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will use that phrase in a search engine. You should never prejudge your customers. Study analytics to see which keywords bring customers to your site, as market research can sometimes give misleading results. You shouldn’t reflect how you perceive your company, but how your target audience does.  You must balance between branded terms and longtail (we’ll expand on this in our next point) variations of keywords that people use when they’re unsure of what they’re looking for.

Failing to respect the competition

You’ll get lost in the crowd if you choose your keywords based on their popularity alone. You should instead choose keywords with less competition to build a stronger client base. For those of you that have read our blog on Longtail, well done, you’ll be familiar with this technique. For those of you that haven’t, have a nosey here.

From our blog, you should know not to prioritise single-word keywords over phrases. Even novice internet-users know that single-word searches return some muddling results, therefore using Longtail keywords mean smaller competition and still plenty of room for popularity and profit!

Not doing your research

The internet is a highly dynamic world, so your SEO strategy can be easily outdated. You must keep a constant check on how people search for information – keeping up with the trends is the best way of getting noticed. People use search engines to find answers, therefore your success relies on whether or not you understand the questions being asked. In short, does your website solve your customer’s problem? The only way you can answer that question is by keeping your research up-to-date and thorough.

The bit left over

Whatever we might tell you about the burning importance of keywords, don’t forget one crucial thing, maybe the most important little nugget we’re giving away here today! Folks, keywords might be important, but you should never focus too much on them. They might help you get more traffic, but people come back to your site for its content. Don’t get so caught up in analytics and keyword research that you don’t publish content as regularly.

So there you have it, three a half little tips on how to avoid keyword pitfalls. It’s simply really.