3 Questions You Should Be Asking An SEO Agency

Let’s play Twenty Questions! Well, maybe just 3 questions, then. What three questions should you be asking an SEO agency before hiring them? Knowing the questions to ask is important, but remember; you must also know what answers to expect in return. There are certain answers that should immediately raise red flags, and in this post we’re going to tell you exactly what they are. It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring one person to run your SEO in-house, or hiring an outside agency, you need to be asking the following questions:

1. What kind of results do you think we can expect to see? And when will we see them?

Any good agent will rightly tell you that it’s extremely difficult to judge, and that with SEO campaigns, it often takes months to notice the improvements. They’ll be able to make a prediction of course, but should definitely stay away from any exaggerated guarantees. They shouldn’t promise great rankings as nobody can. If the company advertises #1 rankings, or a free service, you should decline their services as this could just be a cover-up for a lack of experience and poor reputation.

2. Do you offer conversion reports?

Ask to see an example of their client reports. If they offer a report that is heavily laden with graphs and diagrams with little explanation, it could be a sign that they are regurgitating Google Analytics reports. Many rogue agencies do not want to take responsibility for results-orientated metrics and will only provide SERP (search engine ranking position) reports – something which will produce no actual outcomes for you and your business.

3. Do they identify their team by name on the website?

In short, who’s the pretty face behind the magic? Does their website identify the team by name? If a company doesn’t make it clear who’s part of their agency, then be wary. If the team do not publicly represent themselves, you should think twice about hiring them. You should be able to find a page with an introduction to the agency, a little bit of information about the team and perhaps with links to various social media sites. A team with nothing to hide is the team you should place your trust in.

Many companies claim to be SEO experts, but unfortunately, most aren’t. As a client, it’s always best to play the idiot and remember that a good SEO will try and educate you, but a bad one will just try to deceive you. Any good SEO company will be happy to answer these questions and in good detail. And if they aren’t, then go nowhere near them, else you might have two men in leather jackets turn up at the office, motorbike running, looking for the ‘Rogue Traders’ you’ve just hired!