4 Web Design Tips To Enhance The Customer Experience

The final look of a website should be polished and upholding your brands identity. Below I have listed six key tips for designing a website to enhance the customer experience.

Pretty Pictures

Well, not quite pretty pictures but images are an important aspect of a website, they should be used to reinforce your brands message and be consistent with the brands identity. Having pictures willy-nilly just to make your website look busy is completely pointless. Keeping your images relevant to your business is essential when you’re trying to build up trust with consumers. Use tasteful images whether they are taken by yourself or stock images (make sure you check you have commercial rights before using them) to help get convey what your brand is about.


Leaving space on a website can often make it feel empty and boring, but when used the correct way it can draw the eyes to a specific piece of content or to a call-to-action. You should use space to show off the key aspects of your website (ie, navigation, call-to-action, specific pictures) But don’t just use white background to create space, it must fit in with the websites theme. On our front page (fruitbowlmedia.com) you can see how we have used space to draw peoples attention to certain parts.


Navigation bars should be clear and concise so a customer can see what is on your website and can get there quickly. Each piece of content that you create must be within a few clicks or your customer will get irritated and find a different website.


These can be used to reinforce your brands identity and make your website look good. By using Adobe Kuler (Adobe’s own color wheel) you can see what colors complement eachother and can even get a full colour scheme for a website, just from inputting one color. Font is usually black or white, but sometimes other colors can work best. If you’re not happy with black or white then have a play around, but always make sure it is clearly legible and stands out.


Did you know, having a font as “off-black” on a white background makes it much easier to read and reduces eyestrain?