5 Free Tools To Use When Marketing A Business

When you are starting your own business, often it’s difficult to find the spare cash to spend on marketing tools. But never fear, there are plenty of free tools out there for you to use and below I have rounded up my favourite five.

1. Canva

I always raving about Canva, everybody knows I love it. It’s fantastic and it’s free.  You can create awesome graphics, presentations, infographics and more with very basic skills required. Also, Canva for work has just been released and you get to try it free for 60 days (card details required)

Canva has only been around for 23 months or so but has already grown to over a whopping 3 million users. If that’s not proof enough, then I don’t know what is.

2. Mailchimp

Sending out email campaigns has never been easier than it is with MailChimp. With preset templates that are easily customisable, it’s a great way to create and send a polished email campaign to your audience. Although it has their stamp at the bottom on the free version, it doesn’t look unprofessional like most. It’s a great tool to use when getting started with your marketing campaign. You can also create sign up forms to grow your mailing list and with the handy app, you can sign people up on-the-go!

3. Buffer

Scheduling your posts is essential to create an effective Social Media campaign. Buffer is not only very simple to use but it’s also free for you to schedule 10 posts for four accounts. All you need to do is write your post, add a picture, schedule it, and boom you’re done.  Once you have put all of your content into Buffer, you can click the analytics tab and reschedule your old posts in the click of a button (okay, two, but it’s still quick).

As buffer shortens your link, you can see on your analytics how people find your website or blog posts. Buffer also has it’s own analytics tool too.

4. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Often, I find it hard to think of a blog topic and so Hubspot’s own topic generator is awesome. All you do is put in three nouns that are relevant to your industry and it creates lots of topics for you to write about. Some don’t quite make sense but on the whole, most of the topic ideas are very helpful.


5. Pixabay

Okay this isn’t really a tool, but it’s great to find free royalty-free stock images for your blogs or social media. There is a wide variety of images you can use that require no attribution or licensing. Pixabay currently has over 440,000 images, vectors and art illustrations for you to use for free. I highly recommend buying them a coffee (donate) because there is some fantastic art on there.