6 Tips For Facebook Video

Facebook has been pushing videos for a while now so it’s not surprising that companies are creating more video content than ever before. Not only does video usually get more reach on Facebook, it is also highly engaging. Videos are more likely to be watched than text is to be read, so if you’re not implementing video into your strategy yet then you’re missing out!

#1 always upload videos natively

Instead of uploading your video and posting a link to Youtube like old times, upload your video to Facebook on the actual platform. This allows the video to be played on the timeline and reduces friction between your company and your audience. Facebook also prioritises videos compared to links in the timeline, so you will get more reach and more views than you otherwise would. Natively uploaded videos hold around an 80% of all video interactions on Facebook.

#2 Embrace Live Streaming

Live streaming is the best way to use video on Facebook by far. You can show off your authentic self and people can ask questions during the broadcast, nothing has ever been better for engagement! You can livestream from your personal or business page and it gives you followers/friends a notification when you go live. Plus – each live video is also available FOREVER on your Facebook feed, so you can share it out or refer people back to it if you have answered a particular question. If you’re nervous about livestreaming, there’s a fantastic live-streaming community called Peri10k, they’re all super helpful and also help you increase your audience.

#3 Choose an eye-catching thumbnail

The thumbnail for your video should be eye-catching, and where possible should let people know what to expect in the video. I have found that using people rather than text creates more engagement, even more so if there are people smiling. If you don’t like the thumbnail options that Facebook gives you, you can always create and upload your own.

#4 Use Subtitles in Your Video

Sometimes it’s a lot of hassle to get your headphones out, plug them into your phone just for a video. A lot of people will not actually click on your video and will scroll past. If you use captions on your videos people are more likely to watch it and engage with it.  If your business is global, you may also want to consider having translations on your videos when targeting to that specific country. If you’re unsure how to add subtitles or translations, we’ve found this handy guide for you.

#5 Don’t Forget Your Call-To-Action

At the end of your video, you have the option to add a call-to-action. Whether it’s Shop Now, Learn More, Watch more etc, you must always add one to the end of your video along with a link to your website. Not only does it bring people to your website, but they’re relevant people who want to do as the call-to-action says. If they have stayed to the end of the video, it’s likely that they are interested in your product or service.

#6 Create Shareable Videos

Brands like Buzzfeed use video very well as they are simple, entertaining and informative which makes them highly shareable. Inspirational videos are also likely to be shared a lot and generate more sales and engagement than a sales message. People usually share things not to help you, but purely for narcissistic purposes – they want to make themselves look good. Creating video content that aligns with this will help you increase your reach and close more sales.