Common Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A Landing Page

A landing page is a vital part of most companies marketing campaigns as they usually have one specific purpose, conversion. You can put anything onto your landing page but there are some fatal flaws that can cause your conversion rate to plummet. Below I will outline the most common mistakes that people make when creating a landing page.

The Same Design As Your Website

Creating a landing page with the same design of your website is a trap that a lot of people fall into. If you keep your usual design, usually there is a menu with multiple different exit links, a footer and other things to distract from the purpose of the landing page. Instead of having just one thing to do, you give the user multiple options and they will often get distracted and explore other parts of the website. Although it could still lead to a sale, you’re better off getting a landing page purposely designed so it has one specific purpose.

Irrelevant Or Non-Genuine Pictures Or Clip Art

Stay away from using irrelevant stock photography or clip art on your landing page. Your audience can see from a mile away that the image isn’t yours, so why risk it. Instead, create your own images. If it’s a team image then gather everyone in the office and take a picture, don’t use a stock photo of businessmen to make yourself look professional. Your audience will be confused as to why you didn’t just put up a picture of yourself. As soon as your audience begins to doubt you and feel uncomfortable, they are less likely to give out their personal details in case of spam etc.

Asking For Too Much

Another mistake is asking for too much from your audience, what is it specifically you want from them? ┬áIf you’re focusing on building a mailing list then make sure that is your only aim. You can’t also ask them to do this, that and then run down the shop and get you a pint of milk. You must have a single call to action to focus your audience’s attention on one thing. If there is too much choice, they will often click off without making a choice at all.

No Clear Structure

You can have the most amazing couple of paragraphs on your landing page, but your audience is lazy and they literally can’t be bothered. Make sure your landing pages can be easily skim-read with the use of bullet points and generous paragraph spacing, blank space is your friend. You have around 30-90 seconds to grab your audience’s attention so keep it clear and concise.

Lack Of A Clear Call To Action

The main part of a landing page is the call to action yet most people forget it. You need a clear call to action with a message telling them what to do, otherwise your visitors won’t know what they’re supposed to do! Try to make it so the call to action is visible straight away rather than the user having to scroll to find it.