Content Marketing Or Copy Writing?

Many people think of content marketing and copy writing at the same thing, but are they really? Well, in a nutshell, no. Content marketing is creating valuable and useful content for you marketing efforts whereas copywriting is designed to make the audience take action like purchase a product or visit the shop.

Both are very different, however that doesn’t not mean you require one or the other.

Content marketing is blogs, whitepapers, videos, images whereas copywriting is more sales based like adverts and mailings.

If you have amazing content throughout your website, yet don’t have any strategic copy then you are wasting your time. To get the best of both worlds, combine the two. You can create useful valuable content while also persuading your customers to do something. However there are some key things to remember.

Write for a person, not for the search engine

Yes you may have “hairdressing services in Canterbury” but that does not mean that every piece of content you produce must have those words in. You come across spammy. Make sure they fit in with what you’re trying to say without going overboard. Write as if you are talking to somebody, even the way you put your punctuation in. After you have finished, go through and make it search engine friendly.

Give ‘Em Some Golden Nuggets

By this I don’t mean the cereal, I mean valuable pieces of content. Make sure it is brimming with information, infographics, anything they can take away. People love information like facts and figures, it’s those little nuggets that people remember, not a whole long winded paragraph.

Stop Selling Yourself

It’s not good, nobody likes being sold at. Your audience will not read your content if it looks like an advert, which means you losing your audience and their interest. Any sales points you want to put across, make them subtle but also valuable so they won’t be overlooked.

Combining both content and copy writing, you are more like to have success in your marketing efforts. Make your content so valuable that your audience will keep returning for more.