Design Tools For Beginners

As some of you may have seen, I have been on a journey to learn design. Not just how to use tools and create pretty pictures, but also the theory in design and the principles involved. There is so much more to it than most people realise. Now, if you want to learn design but don’t want to spend out on big tools, or maybe you’re just testing the waters, here are my favourite tools that I have used in my learning journey.


I have raved about Canva before, but for good reason. You can create stunning visuals in a simple drag and drop format, and they look like they could be made on Photoshop! Of course, you don’t get all of the goodies that you do on Photoshop, but for those only wanting a basic design or just to test their skills, Canva is great for starting out.


Derived from old-school Picnik (aged 20-30? You must remember this from your Myspace days) PicMonkey is perfect for creating unique images and also retouching images.

Graphic Burger

Free icons, textures, mock-ups… everything! It’s super handy if you’re practising and don’t want to create your own textures or icons just yet.


Pixlr is a desktop and mobile platforms for editing your images. There are hundred of borders, filters and effects for you to play around with.


If you regularly create infographics, they can be extremely time consuming. Piktochart has stunning templates to help you create infographics quicker and easier.


If you’d like to learn code as well as design (which you should!) then W3Schools is brilliant. Simple tutorials to help those who aren’t tech savvy!


It’s great for finding colour palettes. If you’re anything like me, matching colours can be hard so a tool like this is fantastic

Bonanza Burner

Although not the best way to get backgrounds to be transparent, this tool is very basic but it can be very helpful if you have no other tools at hand.

George recommends…

Adobe Illustrator – Illustrator is George’s go-to tool for creating vectorized graphics for our clients. Although it isn’t suitable for beginners, for those who are looking to get in graphic design full time it’s definitely worth learning. Here’s some guides that will help!