Facebook Canvas – How To Use It

Have you heard of Facebook Canvas ads? Not a lot of people were aware that these paid ad options were released a couple of months back, and many haven’t even seen them used by other companies yet. Facebook Canvas Ads are an immersive mobile ad experience which combines carousels, text, video, CTA buttons, images (also available in carousel) into one! These are my personal favourite ad sets on Facebook as Facebook Canvas has so many capabilities and ways to be unique.

How To Get Ideas For Your First Facebook Canvas

There are so many different ways you can implement Facebook Canvas Ads into your marketing strategy. Whether you want to display products, introduce a new member of your team, show off your workspace or even creating a fancy pricelist. Another option would be to repurpose any previous infographics you have created or even a short version of a blog.

Getting Started With Facebook Canvas

To find Facebook Canvas, click onto your businesses Facebook page and in the top bar click Publishing Tools. You will see a page like the one below. On the left bar you will see the Canvas Option 🙂Facebook Carousel Ad Preview

However, some profiles still do not have access to Facebook Canvas via the publishing tools but can still get it in the Ads Manager Power Editor. You can request access for Facebook Canvas via the contact form here.

How To Create Your First Ever Facebook Canvas!

It’s super easy to start creating your first Facebook Canvas, just click the blue Create button and you’re ready to get creative.

Facebook Carousel Ad Creation Preview

Now it’s time to start using the Canvas Builder. First up, name your first ever Canvas. Make sure it is relevant to the Canvas you’re creating so you can find it easier at a later date. Then you should choose a theme. If you’re just starting out and not too keen on design work, choose black or white whilst you get used to using it.

Facebook Carousel Ad Header Preview

As you can see above, you have three component options so far – Header, Photo and Button (it’s below the fold). You can rearrange these components into the order you wish, and at the top on the blue +, you can add other components like carousels, videos and text blocks. If you are using business manager and are using product catalogs for your business (pulling your products from your website onto Facebook) then you may have the option for a product set component where you can display up to 40 products. Make sure to click save at the top at regular intervals so you don’t lose your amazing hard work.

The Header Component

The first option is the header component. This stays at the top of the screen when someone is viewing your Facebook Canvas and is a great place to put your logo – upload a transparent logo for best results. Although Facebook will adjust the size of your logo, the suggest sized is 120px X 44 px. See below for design requirements.

  • Image size: 66 pixels (maximum height) x 882 pixels (maximum width)
  • File type: transparent .png
  • Headers remain pinned at the top of the screen. If you don’t want this behaviour, you can use an image or text element instead of a header

Add a CTA Button Component

Facebook Canvas CTA Button Preview

The next component is the Call-To-Action Button component, one of the most important parts of your Facebook Canvas Ad. Where do you want to direct your visitors to? What will convince them to click? Make sure your call-to-action is relevant to the Canvas and not generic. You have the choice of a pinned button or one that moves with the design. Design requirements for the CTA are as below.

  • Height: 48 pixels with 48 pixels of padding above and below
  • Text: 30 characters max.
  • Options: Serif or Sans Serif

The Photo Component

The next part suggested by Facebook is the photo component. The suggested size for photos is at least 640 pixels wide, with the height up to 1920px, however – you can also select Tilt & Pan Image if you want to use wide images. If you select Tilt & Pan, you cannot hyperlink the image. You can have a total of 20 image components. See other design requirements below.

Image ratio: Images use the full width of the screen by default
Image size: A full-width image is 1,080 pixels, but you can use wider images if you select the “fit to height (tilt & pan)” display option. A full-height image is 1,920 pixels, but you can use a taller image if you select the “fit to width (tap to expand)” display option
File type: .png, .jpg

Add a Text Component

To add a new text component, click up the top on the blue + sign and select text component. To add a text component, click the +Add Component link and click the Text Block. Now you can add some text to your canvas! You can change font, size, styling and alignment to get the look that you desire. Design requirements are as below.

  • 500 characters max.
  • Font size: 6 point up to 72 point
  • Font colour: #rrggbb
  • Font style: Bold, italic or underlined (must be applied to the entire text block, not individual words)
  • Font alignment: Left, centre or right
  • Options: Serif or Sans Serif

Add an Image Carousel Component

Facebook Canvas Carousel Preview

To add an image carousel, click the blue + with Add Component and click the carousel option. This is great for displaying products AND client testimonials. Each image should be the same size .jpg or .png with a max width of 1080px and a max height of 1920px. link and click the Carousel. If you wish to showcase wider images, you can use the tilt & pan option but again, you will not be able to hyperlink these images.

  • Image ratio: Images can be full or partial height, but all images should be the same size
  • Image size: 1,080 pixels (maximum width) x 1,920 pixels (maximum height)
  • File type: .png or .jpg
  • 10 images per carousel max.

Add a Video Component

Facebook Canvas Ad Video Preview

Video components are likely to be the most engaging, as video is the most engaging form of content. Videos should be uploaded in .mp4 or .mov format and are best in pportrait as that is how people hold their phones, plus landscape videos with resize and not look the best they can. You cannot edit the video thumbnail as it will pull it from the first frame of your video. Videos autoplay and also repeat, which can be great if you are using animations (as we are!). Design requirements as below.

  • Video: Minimum resolution of 720p
  • Orientation: Portrait orientation is recommended, and it’s also recommended not to make videos full screen. Note: Landscape orientation videos will automatically resize themselves to play in portrait. This causes them to shrink and have black bars on either side
  • Length: You can have multiple videos in your Canvas, but their collective run time can’t exceed 2 minutes.
  • Format: .mp4 or .mov
  • Thumbnail: This will be the first frame of the video

Previewing Your Facebook Carousel Ad

To preview your Facebook Carousel ad, you need to have your mobile nearby. At the top, click the smartphone  which is the preview button and you will be sent a notification to the account that you are currently using. Click on the notification and you can preview your ad 🙂

To view the Canvas that we created for Fruitworks, click here 🙂