Facebook For Business – A Quick Guide

Facebook’s algorithm is a complicated one because it’s constantly changing (much like Google’s) and as Facebook is powered by marketing, paid adverts take the preference. However, saying that, they are doing that for the users benefit. It stops users being filled with product based posts rather than something more resourceful.

Stop Selling!

Don’t focus your page all about selling, but instead put out your best content. Choose the content that has been the most successful on other social media channels and then post it. Ask your employees or friends/family to share your posts, this works exceptionally well for local businesses. Posting your content into groups is also very worthwhile, and getting other people to share it gets it more likely to be seen and makes the business seem more popular.

Have A Chinwag!

Create conversation as the more engagement you get, the higher the chance of your future posts being seen by a larger audience. Get people to comment on your non-advertising posts, as when you do post an advert, more people are likely to see it. Ask for opinions, run a random quiz, do a “caption this” competition – the possibilities are endless.

Adding a human touch makes it more likely for people to reply, as people would rather talk to a person rather than a business.

To boost or not to boost, that is the question..

I’m a fan of things being free, and on Facebook is the only time I recommend paid for advertising. Not for a general post with your content, but for your product or service advert. Even just £3 can boost your post and make a large difference with your engagement, however it should be boosted to people who are interested in your content (people who like your page and their friends).

On one of my business pages I tested it out; I paid £3 to boost one post, and since then the engagement on every single post after has skyrocketed. It’s worth just to try it out and see what works for you. The benefit of Facebook Ads is that you can target it to a certain audience, so then the reach you do get on that post is not irrelevant but more focused within your sector.

Facebook is more about trial and error, what works for one doesn’t always work for another so work out what is best for you. You may find that a boosted post does nothing for your company yet it did for me. Social media can flip flop more than a catfish, which is why I prefer to stay away from paid advertising.


There are rumours that Facebook penalises against third party applications by not getting your post out to as many people. Use the Facebook scheduler just to be safe, it’s simple and easy.

P.S Don’t keep spending money on boosting posts if you’re not getting a return from it, you’ll be wasting money (and time) that would be better spent elsewhere. If Twitter is more up your street, then hop over to my other blog post  Using Twitter For Business.

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