Fond Coffee

Beginning as an idea in 2017 around their kitchen island with just a sample roaster, Fond landed themselves in coffee from adulthood. Fast forward to 2020, they opened their very first shop location in the heart of Canterbury city centre, with a 10-year plan to open more after a great (but nerve-racking) success.

Project disciplines
  • Digital Marketing
  • Large Format Marketing
  • Print Marketing
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Email & Mail Servers
  • Hosting & DNS

Ooh yeah, that's real nice what you've done. Thanks!

Kieran Blindell Director

That's sick!

Elyse Beddoe Manager, Canterbury

— Branding & Identity

No, Karen. No

Fond Coffee are a confident and cheeky bunch; serving great coffee from sexy baristas. Their no-shame branding and clever word-play has often landed them in a little hot water (excuse the pun) and needed a team who were not afraid of delivering. We helped to convert their flat logo files to be vector based to allow for crisp branding throughout both digital and print media.

— Creative Design

Back to what they love — coffee!

Fond knows coffee, however whitespace was a new concept to them; padding and margin were not something in their arsenal (and in fairness why would it be). Wrestling with Word Documents was definitely not their passion. We guided and helped this brand towards the direction it sits in today, with their tongue-in-cheek (or foot-in-mouth) “No Karen, you can’t” and “Sexy Baristas” brand messaging.

— Help & Support


Having set up their own website, using a WYSIWYG editor, they had the basics covered. We have supported them with technical help to ensure the systems they set up are running smoother and more efficiently. We even gave them a hand (or two) when setting up their POS system and WiFi networks to ensure compliance with data collection laws.

“We need you to change your billboard. Some people have said they find it offensive but we can't see why”

(Canterbury City Council, 2020)

Brand recognition doesn’t have to be so cliché- try putting a foot in your mouth.

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