Fruitworks Poster

After designing the Fruitworks logo and stationary, the team asked if we could help design a ‘welcoming’ poster for the lobby area in their office. They wanted it to follow the current brand guidelines, but to also be fun, quirky and inviting. The office is located in the heart of Canterbury, so what better than to take inspiration from the historic-meets-modern architectural skyline that is the Canterbury Cathedral, Marlowe Theater and the bustling commercial high-street overtop the Great River Stour.

We iterated many designs, working very closely along side the team, until we reached one they absolutely loved. It does just what they asked for; showing off the cool and awesome members they have in the space, as well as provide a friendly welcoming before you traverse up the staircase to be revealed to what Fruitworks Coworking is – one awesome, 2000 square foot, open plan coworking space!