How To Get Traffic For Your Blog Through Social Media

Everybody wants to get more traffic to their blog, but is that really going to help you achieve your initial goal?

First of all, the traffic that is already going to your blog, are they converting? Do they complete the action that you want and turn into a customer? If not, then you don’t need traffic just yet, you must look at what is going wrong with your website.

In this day and age, it’s hard for businesses to keep our attention due to social media being so busy. Getting people to notice you and your business is harder than ever before. So, how is it that we stand out from the crowd and appeal to our target audience?

Content is king, we all know that. It must be relevant to our target audience and answer their questions about your industry. Write a blog about every question you have ever been asked, like “what is PPC?” or “How many bananas can you fit in a kettle?” depending on what is relevant (I don’t know the answer to that, but if somebody does please do share! ☺)

Once you have written these blogs or created lots of amazing content, you can either wait for the traffic to come straight from the search engines or you can supercharge it and spread it on social media. Where does your audience “hang out”? Is it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? If you don’t know, then you need to do some more research. You need to build a following on a platform where your audience spends its time.


Although not free, boosting a post on Facebook is an amazing way to drive more traffic to your blog. Starting from as little as £3 a day (set your own budget) you can boost your post to thousands of people, plus you can target it to your relevant audience. It’s so simple and very effective. I tested it the other day, spent a total of £10 and got 97 click-throughs to my website and 4,500 reach. Not bad for the price of a couple of beers.


Twitter has it’s own in house analytics ( or clicking the graph at the bottom of your tweet. You can see what works and what doesn’t by the amount of impressions and clicks. Now is easier than ever to get your posts seen on Twitter with a little bit of cash. Any of your tweets that got great natural results are the types of posts you should promote.


Overall, Facebook seems to give a better reach and click through rate for boosted posts, but Twitter is far better organically. If you’re going to spend money to promote your blog then Facebook is you best bet. Start out with a small budget to see what works for you, and play around with the targeting. You can often make the cost-per-click a lot less by modifying the targeting slightly.