How To Increase Reach On Twitter Without Paying

We’ve been there. We all want to increase our reach on Twitter, or any Social Media platform, without paying – yet it seems so hard. Well let me tell you, it’s actually easy peasy! The best way to stand out on Twitter is by creating amazing content, way better than your competitors, and by sharing it with the correct audience at the correct time. You don’t need to use Twitter Ads if you haven’t got the budget for them, there are lots of free ways you can increase your reach without breaking the bank.

Use Hashtags

The most important way to increase reach is by using hashtags that are relevant to your post and your business.When you click a hashtag on any of these Social Media platforms, you will be directed to a stream of content around that topic – and when you use a hashtag your content will appear there.  We have written a guide on using hashtags here.

These hashtags should also be used in your profile as then you could be listed when somebody searches for that hashtag. (Unsure of why the UK Prime Minister is coming up for #SocialMedia but hey!)

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.25.26

Participate In Twitter Chats

A Twitter Chat is the use of a particular hashtag by people in an industry or a certain area to create conversation between Twitter users. There are hundreds of different Twitter Chats for different industries and areas, ones that come to mind are #KentHour, #StartupChat, #BufferChat, #WomenInTech etc. They are usually one day a week for an hour or two, however some are everyday – but they all stick to a schedule. Twubs is handy for finding relevant Twitter chats coming up in your industry. Not only can you interact with 100s more people, but you can also learn a great deal from these people too. Marketing works much better when you’re speaking to them like a person.

Reach Out To Other Users

Don’t just use an automated service that thanks your followers for engaging or even for following you, connect with them properly. Send them a personal tweet and like some of their previous tweets. Make sure to change up the text and try to include some info from their profile. For a reply to me on Twitter (see my profile below), I would put something like “@KellyCulver96 thanks for following me, what’s your favourite Muscle Car/coffee?” Sometimes, people won’t have their interests in the bio so browse a few of their tweets to see what you can find.

Engaging With Twitter Users

Also make sure to reply to actual tweets of the people you are following. By conversing with your audience you can not only get retweeted, but you can also turn your audience into paying customers, and paying customers into brand ambassadors.

Use Images, Videos And GIFs

Always make sure to use images, videos and gifs in your tweets. As I explain below, Twitter is very noisy and it can be hard to get your content seen – by using rich media you increase your chance of being seen and engaged with. GIFs seem to work very well on Twitter at the moment, but make sure they are relevant to the post – they’re awesome for tongue in cheek posts! Buffer found by using images in your Twitter posts you can get triple engagement and double the amount of likes on your post.

Know When To Tweet

Twitter is a lot of noise right now, so you must find the right time to post. The right time to post will vary for everyone, so testing is crucial here. Experiment with different times of day and the amount of tweets you post to see which combination works best. If you’re using Buffer, they have an optimal scheduling tool that will send tweets when your audience is already online. Though, I tend to like to do two tweets for every peak as Twitter gets more noisy as more people are online. This makes it more likely that my message will get to my audience.

Consider Other Timezones

The reason for repeated tweets is to maximize traffic and therefore advertising sales. I’ve found that each tweet gets approximately the same amount of clickthroughs. Why get 600 page views when you can get 2,400? – Guy Kawasaki

Guy has a fantastic point here. He is known for posting the same link lots of times, but his reasoning is because he wants to reach other timezones. Although some followers may see the same tweet again (they shouldnt use Twitter so much 😉), providing you’re not just posting out the same 5 posts day in day out there will not be an issue. If you’re worried about looking repetitive, make sure to change the image/video/gif for each tweet 🙂

Experiment With Call To Actions

It’s crazy how changing words slightly can make such a huge impact on the engagement of a tweet. Check out the graph below, Please RT and Please Retweet have always been popular, but Please Help has turned out to be the CTA that drives the most engagement. Don’t put these on every tweet as you can look needy, I found using a CTA like Please RT etc works well when you have new news, blogs or an event coming up.


Embed Posts On Your Website

One of the most underused ways of growing your reach on Twitter is by embedding posts on your website, ie on blogs. To embed a tweet, click the three dots at the bottom of the tweet and then “embed post”, then paste the HTML code into your website. The tweet will then show up like below 🙂 This is fantastic for not only raising awareness of your company Twitter account, but also getting engagement as people can like and retweet straight from your website.

Get A Tweet Button

Twitter Buttons Example

There are so many plug ins you can use to create share buttons for Social Media, and Twitter has it’s own creator for buttons too. You can choose from 4 different buttons that allow the user to Tweet, Mention, Follow or a Hashtag button. They’re super simple to use, just create the button, copy the code into your website (where you want to button) and you’re done! Don’t worry, Twitter will tell you how to do this.

Building up your audience on Twitter does take time and it also takes consistency. Make sure you post relevant content to your audience and post on a regular basis otherwise you risk people losing interest and even unfollowing you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to tweet me on @KellyCulver96 or @FruitbowlMedia