Impatient Health

Led by Paul Simms, Impatient Health is a consultancy in partnership with daring life sciences entrepreneurs who are bringing unique solutions to the quest for better health. Pharma has a lot to learn from Tech, as the team continues to find new and exciting approaches to outdated working methods.

The life sciences industry is going through a significant shift, and at an ideal time to reassess what inspires and drives you forward, The Vitals is your no-bullsh*t access to the information that truly matters.

Project disciplines
  • Motion & Animation
  • Responsive Design
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • API Integration
  • Landing Page
  • OpenGraph & Schema
  • Wordpress CMS

I've worked with Fruitbowl regularly for more than a decade and they've been consistently fantastic during that time - a great mix of technical & creative ability combined with a solid approach to comms and management. Hoping for another decade!

Paul Simms Chief Executive

THE web designers to work with if you want quality and efficiency. I love working with Fruitbowl, they are always quick to bring my ideas to life and even build upon them. Grateful for all their work. Thanks guys!

Jason Dabydoyal Head of Operations

— Creative Design

A speculative design strategy to change the face of Pharma

Impatient Health addresses big pharmaceutical and healthcare issues head-on. They needed unique design processes and systems to complement their act-first approach. Lacking a fully-fledged brand at the time, we were able to create and development designs with consistent messaging under an MVP model. As the company grew, we collated all that internal knowledge into a brand system to ensure their messaging was consistent across teams.

— Development

Content-management meets flat-file.

Impatient needed an online space where they could host their content, which was fully editable and customisable built on the WordPress platform. They also required wildcard pages and out-there landing page ideas spun up in a quick fashion to draw attention to their recent studies, surveys, workshops and in-person networking events.

— Help & Support

Tracking and analysing real results.

Our three-year relationship with Impatient Health started with a bang- dropped into the deep end to fully realise the team’s visions from a practical (and what’s possible) standpoint. As the relationship grew, so did their confidence to ask us how best to implement and streamline processes. A plethora (Zoom, Google Forms, Mailchimp, Eventbrite and Email) of Tracking solutions and APIs later, the team have a tool belt of practical functionality that has enabled them to focus on what really matters; achieving results for patients.

Sick-care is dead; healthcare is finally coming.

(Impatient Health, 2022)

Impatient Health's speculative design strategy has observed double-digit changes in performance.

What's your strategy?