Is UX Design Just Glorified Web Design?

When people discuss UX (User Experience), it’s often thought of as a posh way of saying web design, however this is not the case.

Before your prospects use your website, they are just an individual. It’s the engagement of the user beforehand that is the key to designing and creating a website to fit their needs and to deliver an exceptional experience. UX’s focus is the experience of the user, the emotions that they feel when using or interacting with your site. UX is also about how your business fits in their lives, influencing behaviour and changing the expectations of the audience.

According to Google, an experience is “an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone” and UX is what we learn from our users by testing, observing and interacting with them. Engagement from the user is a necessity to define each website and a good UX designer will have in-depth understanding of what the users want and who they are. A successful UX is based on research, not what the designer wants.

User experience is more about inventing for specific customers and focusing on the interaction between the user and website. UX provides solutions through subtle interactions to integrate with the user’s needs.


For Example

I remember reading an anecdote that describes how UX works perfectly.. “Let’s not lay any paths this year. At the end of the year we will see where the grass has worn away and that will show us where the people are walking. We’ll just pave those paths”

UX is the underlying framework of design and is something a lot of web design agencies still don’t offer. To deliver a truly great experience on a website you must know what your users needs are and design around those needs.