Kelly’s Photoshop Journey – Moving An Object & Content Aware

In a male dominated industry, many women find it hard to build the confidence to learn new things like Photoshop or coding, and after I decided coding DEFINATELY was not for me (trust me, I tried and failed – miserably) my male line manager encouraged me to learn Photoshop. And so that’s what I did! With plenty of online tutorials like the ones I have listed at the bottom of the page, there is no reason that design should be a male dominated industry. If your male coworkers try to put you down or tell you that you can’t do it, first off you’re in the wrong job. Second off, just go out and do it to prove them wrong! I have had nothing but encouragement from the team at Fruitbowl Media – they are more than happy to sit there and help me even if I am being a complete idiot sometimes!

After avoiding using Photoshop for so long because I find it so complicated (I usually use Canva), Tony and I sat down and decided that it’s time for me to at least try. Today I have been learning about moving an object in an image and then filling the space with the correct background and blending it in.  I’ll be a pro in no time ;).

First off I picked the image that I will be using. Click file (at the top), open and then select the image. The image I have chosen is this plane from Pixabay (free stock photos)

Original Jet Photo

Next, I used the magic wand which selected the whole plane. I also tried to use the magnetic lasso tool and draw manually around it – it stuck to each edge of the plane but due to the window needing to be clear, it didn’t work as well as I’d have liked. I had a play around with both to see which would work best for this specific image, and it was the magic wand.

After I did this, I used the move tool and then clicked and dragged the plane to the desired location. As you can see below, the plane left  a white mark in the background which is NOT a good look! I was tempted to leave it like that, but George our designer wouldn’t let me. So on I trudged.


Photoshop CS6 Content Aware Mini Tutorial

Following on from that, I selected the lasso tool and roughly drew around the white area. I right clicked within the marked out area and selected fill and then content aware, this made the white turn into the background that I wanted – so easy! It wasn’t 100% perfect on the sea, so to correct this, I used the spot healing brush and clicked on the area that needed to be fixed. I repeated this multiple times, trying to get the line of the sea perfect and I almost got it perfect (not quite though). This is something that I will need improvement on, but considering it’s my first try I’m extremely pleased with myself.

Below is my finished project! 😀

Content Aware Mini Tutorial

So it turns out I was pretty worried about nothing, the magic wand definitely made it easier. If I’d have just used the magnetic lasso, then the windows of the plane would still have the pale yellow colour of the clouds compared to the grey it has now and I don’t think I would have been able to find another way around it. The part I struggled most with was trying to make the sea perfect and even though I did not make it perfect, I will learn to do so soon and will let you all know how it went!

There is no reason for web design to be a male dominated industry as there are plenty of tutorials online for anybody to learn with, if your coworkers don’t support you then they suck. Or maybe it’s only male dominated because more men want to do web design/coding than women? Hmm… Food for thought…

This Photoshop CS6 Tutorial will help you understand Photoshop a LOT more.