Looking to start a podcast?

Who doesn’t love a good podcast?! Not only are they awesome to listen to but they can also be an awesome marketing tactic.

Podcasts is so versatile they can be listened to anywhere at anytime, so you can be doing your housework or going for a run.Podcasting is a great way to get social with your audience and also meet new people. If you’re too shy to get your face on camera and do a video blog (vlog) then podcasting could be right for you.

Choose a subject you’re passionate about

If you’re passionate about your subject, then it will show. Before considering starting a podcast make sure you like it and you’re not doing it just because a mad man on the internet told you it can make you £1000’s. Podcasting takes hard work and dedication, to regularly spend up to 60 minutes (more before editing) talking about something

You can talk about latest issues in your industry and how current events can affect you. You can set up interviews with experts in your industry  or even just chat about what you’ve done at work that is interesting.

Many great podcasters are just having conversations between them. If you’re having a conversation that you think others would like to hear then just start recording on your phone.

Name it and own it!

Think of a catchy name for your podcast that will relate to your audience. For instance, Marcus Sheridan’s “Mad Marketing Podcast”, it simple, shows personality and the subject.

Once you have chosen your name, make sure the domain names are available. If not, think again. Always buy the .com and .co.uk, if possible others as well or else people could wrongly go to the opposite domain and it could be a completely different company. Even if you can’t afford to get a website designed, use one of WordPress’ free designs.

Plan before hand

Chances are you won’t get it perfect the first time, and you will never have 30 minutes of unedited audio that is perfect to distribute. To minimise any problems that may occur make sure you plan ahead.

Choose what niche subject you will be speaking about and write out a rough transcript. There’s no need to memorise it, just use it as a base line of what you’re going to say. If you randomly get mic-fright, this script with help save the day.

Schedule how often you want to create podcasts and when you’re going to do it. Leave a few hours to work on it and perfect it, especially when you’re just starting out.

Split into segments

To keep your podcast interesting, try splitting it into different segments. This can what’s new in your industry, having a guest on and then some background insight. Try to keep the structure similar throughout your podcasts so listeners know what to expect and when.

Get a decent microphone

When just starting out with podcasting, podcaster David Mark Shaw recommends Sampson HP10 headphones and Sampson Q1U for the microphone. Now these are budget and recommended for starting out if your phone microphone is terrible. Another recommended microphone is  AT2020 USB microphone by Audio Technica. To read more about podcasting on a budget, here’s a great blog

Commuting = podcasts

The optimum length of a podcast depends on how in depth you’re trying to go about a certain topic. If you’re podcasting weekly then 15-25 minutes is the norm. Many people listen to podcasts to and from their place of work, so try to fit it in the average commuting time (41 minutes in the UK) 


Audacity – for recording and editing your podcast

Podomatic and iTunes – Get your podcast out there so people can listen!

Fiverr – Create an awesome jingle for the beginning, in between conversations etc to split it up

Chances are, your first few podcasts won’t be great but don’t let it set you back. As the old saying goes, practise makes perfect. Plan out what you want to say and even write it down. Make sure you speak naturally and not robotic and keep it conscise and to the point.

Some podcasts I recommend are:

http://www.thesaleslion.com/mad-marketing-podcast/ @TheSalesLion

http://www.thesaleslion.com/hubcast-podcast/ @TheSalesLion

http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/content-inc-podcast/ @JoePulizzi