Magpies And Twitter

Social media is a great way for your business to improve your relationship with target audiences, manage customer service and gain a better insight into what your clients or customers really want. Twitter is all about the dialogue between people. It’s a great chance to properly engage with your clients through regular updates, a chance to talk about topics related to your product/service and just a great opportunity to have a good old chat with your followers. Not convinced? Let’s ask Mother Nature what she thinks, shall we?

What’s in a ‘Tweet’?

If we take the definition of the word ‘tweet’ without its modern internet influence, we can see that it can be described as the vocalisation of a baby bird. This is because even though animals cannot talk in a language recognisable to human beings, they still communicate. We should take a tip or two from those little warblers. (No, seriously)! In business, communication is key, as with all other aspects of life. We communicate constantly; every minute of every hour of every day. We humans just cannot give it a rest! However, how can you transfer your superior skills of prattling and turn it into something useful?

It’s A Fine Art

It’s simple! It’s all in the Art of Conversation.  Twitter in its simplest form can be defined as a “word-of-mouth marketing technique through the online medium”. It’s a dialogue between people. Twitter has been proven to be a powerful tool in customer retention and relationship-building. So, back to this art of natter malarkey.  We here at Fruitbowl Media will be bringing you the simple steps to having a charismatic conversation over the next few blog posts.

Shiny Things

In four easy steps, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to create and manage a successful business Twitter account. Twitter is a real-time opportunity to listen to the conversation of the over 200 million users. We’ll show you how to effectively use it as resource to find new customers and most importantly, keep the faithful ones interested. Look out for our shiny tips to help build up your Twitter success. Oh those lovely sparkly little tips! Magpies know exactly what to do with shiny things: collect them up and put them to good use.

Magpie-Friendly Twitter Tips

We’ll be bringing you the 4 Steps of setting up and managing a business Twitter account. In the first step we’ll be outlining how to create your business’ Twitter ‘persona’, then we’ll look at how to use Twitter to increase your clientèle. Then comes Step 3 where we will share our knowledge  about really engaging with your customers and most importantly being a resource to your followers, not a billboard for your product/service. In the fourth and final step, we’ll cover the most important element of creating and managing a business Twitter account: listening. That’s right, there’s more than one participant in a great conversation. And didn’t we say that’s what Twitter is all about, what having a successful Twitter account is all about? Remember the Art of Conversation? You’ll be a master of the word-of-mouth marketing technique!

And if Fruitbowl Media’s 4 Steps to Twitter aren’t enough for you, we’ll be bringing you our in-depth and comprehensive Guides; expanding on our steps, keeping you up-to-date and informed about the best social media platform for your company! Watch. This. Space. Tweeple!