New produce for the pot

Hello all, I’m India (yes, like the country) and I’m the new Fruitbowl Media intern. I’m really excited about this opportunity and am keen to make the most of it. I’m glad to have found something new to be a part of, somewhere new to let off some creative steam.  I look forward to working to the best of my ability as part of the team!

Over the next few months I’ll be working closely with Chris to produce lots and lots of lovely content; including blogs, guides, a newsletter and (hopefully) before long, podcasts. I am very much looking forward to researching and writing all about things that are completely off my radar, though not for long as I am eager to learn about all aspects of writing for the company.  I expect I shall learn a great deal and before long I’ll be fully versed in all things Fruitbowl Media.  I am most excited about writing articles for our newsletter as it’s the type of writing I have done least of – and the biggest challenges are always the best!

So, a little bit about me.  I am a first year BA English Language and Linguistics student at the University of Kent. My professors will tell you that Linguistics is a dynamic field of study, a controversial field; exploring the finer points of our many-faceted language. I spend most of my time, however, engrossed in textbooks exploring the finer points of grammatical tense versus grammatical aspect. (Lost yet? I know I am.) So why do I do this? Because I love language of course! It’s something we use every day, and if you’re particularly skilled in the art of language, then you’ll be able learn about the power of persuasion and breaking down communication barriers – something I believe is key to a successful business.

Although I can spot a grammatical error at fifty feet and tell you exactly what an allophone is, I’m afraid that, as of yet, I haven’t put those skills to use in factual/journalistic writing. Before coming to Canterbury, I was involved in an award-winning drama group. I’ve been across the world and written a multi-lingual play exploring global heritage – something which requires excellent communication skills, but not so much excellent article-writing skills. Consequently, my writing has been limited to plays and short stories, but I feel that this is a transferrable skill, so a little less sounding like I’ve swallowed a thesaurus, a little less theatrical and rather more to-the-point and I’m sure I’ll get there. Hang in there, Fruitbowl Media!