Onsite SEO
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Fruitbowl can offer a full onsite SEO plan. We start by identifying who you want to reach - your target customer base. We look at your site to determine what can be done to improve this and start from there. Using keyword analysis we identify which long tails to incorporate into your site copy, meta tags and provide to you to use on your external marketing and social media campaigns. We don't just aim at generic terms as these are often saturated and offer little ROI. We find the terms that you need to aim for to get your company found by the right people.

Content is King and with that in mind we can make sure your content is relevant and provide real value to your audience. Using approved copy writers with over 10 years experience we make sure that your branding and key phrases are integrated throughout.

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We can offer to install a heatmap on your site and adapt your site pro actively to achieve your goals. Heatmaps track where a users clicks, and hovers which then shows in a graphic representation.

This allows us to understand the click behaviour, browsing habits and how your users interact with the site. This allows us to build up a picture and then respond to the trends to ensure your conversions are achieved.

Heatmaps allow for you to:

  • Get priceless insights for high-ROI changes
  • Use your web budget way more effectively
  • Speed up your user testing & analysis process
  • Show your boss your changes worked
  • Enjoy more conversions and better engagement

Analytics & Statistics
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Analytics is a must for any site regardless of size. Analytics allow you to see when, where and how people are visiting your site. It shows where they go, what they do and where they leave. This can allow us to determine the best paths for your customers journey, and gives us the chance to see why they are leaving your site without completing your goals. We can set up custom Goals and events so that you can see what matters to you quickly without having to wait for a report. We can also offer reports if you wish depending on your budget and requirements. We won't sell you something you don't need.

From the analytics data we then can analysis patterns and help turn customer insights into actionable solutions for your business. We can then provide a report if your require which shows your latest statistics about your site, customers and conversions. These can then be used in your marketing to increase brand awareness and give social proof.

Refactoring Old Code
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If you feel your site code is out of date, has been built by lots of different developers who have bolted items on bloating it, is constantly running into problems such as errors, or slow page loads then you may need to look at refactoring your code.

This refactoring process takes what you have and optimises so that the code is clean, optimised, and functional. Whilst we do this we also make it so the site can be expanded more effectively in the future.

We can keep the design you have but make sure it is pixel perfect or you can opt to have a new design made whilst we are in the back end code.

As with any site build/refactoring project we will use the latest web standards including HTML5, CSS3, SVG's and web fonts to serve your clients quicker on any device they may be using. We also include the latest Open Graph and specific Social Media sharing tags for the audiences you wish to reach

Peekaboo - Can We Find You?
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Your company is not under witness protection after all! Make sure your clients are finding you and pressing the right buttons to make us all happy. Don't settle for anything less!