Schroders is a world-class asset manager operating from 37 locations across Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Their Climate Progress Dashboard is a tool designed to monitor change indicators across the four categories that have the most influence on limiting global temperature rises: political change, business and finance, technology solutions and entrenched industry.

Partnering up with Reuters Editorial, their dashboard compares projections made by international organizations in each of those categories to estimate the temperature change implied by the current progress seen in each area.

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Working with Tony and George was a real pleasure. They helped us get the site live so quickly and would be happy to work with them again.

Jennifer Brogadir Senior Digital Marketing Manager

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Schroders × Reuters News

Schroders wanted a web app built that pulled in their articles and Reuters News articles in a new collaborative effort. No API was on offer, so instead we our own to pull and scrape articles…

During our work with Reuters Events, we had the amazing opportunity to further develop Schroder’s Climate Progress Dashboard using data from both Reuters Editorial and Schroders.

The dashboard allows users to easily access up-to-date information on climate change, and it is integrated with their existing infrastructure, so they can continue to use the data in their own workflow.

We used the API from both Reuters Editorial and Schroders to build this new dashboard.

Our Climate Progress Dashboard is a data-driven tool that measures climate change progress using key indicators from both Reuters Editorial and Schroders. The tool uses an API from Reuters Editorial to track the number of articles that mention climate change. It also uses an API from Schroders to calculate the total amount of funding going into green energy.

Schroders and Reuters have a combined 231.1M monthly visitors!

(Semrush, 2020)

That's a lot of eyes on one project- its a good thing we've done this before!

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