The Business Bunker

Now into its ninth year of broadcasting, Kent’s Business Bunker is highly regarded as a significant local resource for entrepreneurs of all sizes. This fast-paced weekly LIVE radio show focuses equally on individuals and partners just starting out who are seeking valuable and cutting-edge business advice.

…and business advice doesn’t come much better than from former ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ Paul Andrews and his varied team of successful co-presenters. Their informed counsel is shared in a friendly and often light-hearted style that regularly turns an often-serious business subject into a memorable and enlightening conversation.

Each week they feature influential guests from the world of business and commerce who talk about their area of expertise and how they themselves started out. At the same time the programme also showcases as many small local businesses, events and success stories as possible, offering up the power of radio and its associated social media links for maximum exposure.

Project disciplines
  • Brand Identity & Guidelines
  • Digital Marketing
  • Logo Design
  • Responsive Design
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • API Integration
  • Landing Page
  • OpenGraph & Schema
  • Wordpress CMS
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Email & Mail Servers
  • Hosting & DNS
  • SSL Certificates

Customer focused and a real pleasure to work with. The team at Fruitbowl Media are creative and imaginative when coming up with great solutions to design problems.

Paul Andrews Director

— Branding & Identity

Practical Branding for Sound Business Advice

A once luminous-orange logo with a harsh drop shadow, designed in what we can only assume was clip art, was modernised and refined into a clean and practical logo-mark more suitable for displaying on screen and in print in a multitude of sizes. Merchandising was important for the Business Bunker team, who regularly gave away branded items to guests after visiting the studio or taking part in business critical discussions, so with that we workshopped with Paul to create a modern brand.

— Creative Design

Bold Designs for Enlightening Conversation

Paul is known for his love of Twitter and it’s proven to be a great way for Business Bunker to gain a robust following of like-minded business-centric individuals. Twitter is a noisy platform, where all brands are in competition to be noticed, so to cut through the noise we designed bespoke social media collateral to showcase upcoming shows and newsworthy articles staying true to the Business Bunker brand.

— Development

Built for the Unique Entrepreneurship Forum

A place to host articles, store recordings and to listen live, we built The Business Bunker website on WordPress using Channel Radio’s API to handle live playback. It was important the site was easy to use, both for visitors to navigate, and for Paul to easily update on a bi-weekly basis. WordPress was therefore the ideal choice as it makes blog and content management a breeze, and with a little tinkering were able to build bespoke plugins suitable for Business Bunker’s specific use cases.

— Help & Support

Technology advice for Business advice

Being an online-only radio show, you need a support team you can trust who are on call when things go wrong. Paul loves that we were able to help at lightning speed to get operations running back smoothly when third party integrations break and fallbacks are required.

Paul knows his way around DNS settings but wanted us to tune up to make sure everything was working as it should. After untwining a few years of mess, we got his emails, website, subdomains all running a lot smoother and quicker.

We have supported moving the sites hosting a few years ago, with a new upgrade due soon with the success of the show to help increase server capacity and bandwidth by setting up a private server and moving his site across.

Kent’s Business Bunker show has 3,000 more weekly listeners.

(Channel Radio, 2021)

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