The Online Customer Experience

Companies that are solely online often struggle to shift stock or sell their services because even though online spending has sky-rocketed, customers are sticking to companies who still have a brick-and-mortar store or a permanent office. The reason for this is many consumers are reluctant to trust online brands.

Communication Is Key

More and more people are beginning to use the web to research, buy, communicate or to provides services. Consumers have an expectation of how brands should communicate online and they are getting more demanding. Due to the ease of the internet, people can just click away and find another website in a matter of seconds. All too often websites are created without communication with the marketing department and they end up being not consistent with the brand or with different goals. Each website needs to have a clear purpose, if they aren’t clear then consumers will be left wondering what the point of the website is (unless your aim is to have a pointless website).

What Is Your Purpose?

The websites purpose should be what it’s trying to achieve whether it’s brand awareness or to sell products, it should be clear from the front page. You need to identify your brands mission, your vision for the future and what your brand is about. This process involves understanding the demographics of your audience and knowing their behaviour.

Customer Behaviour

The online customer experience is created through design and functionality. You must know your audience to understand how they will use the website and what designs fit that demographic. However, on top of this you must also put across your brand identity so finding a happy medium is a must. The design must be simple and easy to use.

But what makes people stay on my website instead of just leaving?

To keep people on your website, you need to convey value so people can see what they can get from you. Having relevant content is more valuable to a business than most understand as it builds up trust with your audience. Being transparent about your business helps as it can give an insight as to how your business is run and helps build the picture in your audiences minds. Product videos, meet the team pages and how-to’s are fantastic ways to show that you mean business. The more transparent you are, the more trust your customers have in you.