The Yoga Challenge!

A gentle stream, birds chirping, chimes playing. Oh, so Zen. “Close your eyes, breathe in through your nose … in… and out… in…. and out. Deepen the breath. Lengthen and extend the movement.”

Take a guess at where I am. A yoga class, you say. You’d be correct! But this isn’t your average set-up. I’m not practising the ancient relaxation ritual at a retreat, a spa, or even the local gym. I’m sitting at my desk; my desk in a busy office.

Office Yoga Anyone?

Yes, Office Yoga. It’s the ultimate respite for some of us who are at the workplace 9-5 most of the week. Wearing the right clothes (no pencil skirts, please), depending on your desk set-up and the understanding of your colleagues, you can enjoy a full yoga session in the mid-afternoon if it’s all getting a bit too much. I feel the most important point to stress is the indulgence of your workmates. After all, some moves to give the impression that you’ve decided to change career spec and become a contortionist. Doing yoga at your desk is really very simple. Using both desk and chair as support, one can perform a variety of exercises like ‘Chair Cat’, ‘Wrist Rotation’ and ‘Sun Greeting’. How very relaxing!

Well, we here at Fruitworks are going to go one better. We’re not content with the limited space behind our desks. We’ll be rearranging the office space; pushing desks against the walls and taking out our yoga mats (or towels for those not as committed to the practise outside of the office) and having a proper yoga session! That’s right, the team will be busy relaxing and finding out who can do the best‘Downward-facing Dog’ as we partake in the ‘Yoga Challenge’.

Competitive Streak

Ah, I didn’t mention the competition element? Probably not the best thing to bring into the calm and peace of the yoga classroom, but we’re bringing it nonetheless! So, it’s Fruitworks versus Service Desk Institute (SDI) in a head-to-head (or should that be Asana-to-Asana?!) The first team to complete a yoga session wins and gets to decide on an appropriate forfeit for the other office. No pressure then folks. May the best office win! So, I’ll bring this blog post to an end whilst I bring my palms together, lightly bowing my head and say to everyone, ‘Namaste!’