Three jQuery Plugins You Should be Using

There’s a lot of jQuery plugins out there, sometimes it’s hard to remember them all, so we’ve collated this list of our three favourite plugins which we think you should be using!

OWL Carousel


A jQuery plugin that lets you create beautiful, responsive, carousel sliders – oh, and they’re touch enabled too! Check it out, it’s probably one of the best carousels out there to date, with great documentation and a few fun demos scattered here and there.



We’ve all been there; “Why does my site have foreign text on it?!”. BlokkFont is a font-face which will disguise your Artisanal filler text (Lorem Ipsum, Cat Ipsum, Pirate Ipsum) from your client as, well, blocks.

Product Tour


A product tour plugin with a lot of potential. Not all your visitors are tech-savvy – sometimes they need a little guidance. Product Tour allows your to teach new, or forgetful, visitors how to use features on your web app or site.