We’ve rebranded.

Fruitbowl Media 2015 Edition

We’ve been on quite the journey these past 16 months figuring out who we are. After many iterations, a few hundred hours of work and tedious trend research, we’ve rebranded. From iconography to typography, colour-culture to psychological drive, we’ve embellished our new design language into every nook of our company, Fruitbowl Media. We’ve thought long and hard, about, well… everything.

Part of our rebrand ethos was to modernise and up-trend our company logo; emblem, brand colours and type. Wire-frame (Line) iconography is very popular right now thanks to iOS and the upcoming Windows 10. The iconography in both these OS’s is clean, simple and easily recognisable. We’re aiming for a friendly, inviting and playful look – so rounded-cap strokes and a uniform stroke-thickness between our logo, type and iconography, and pleasingly playful colours, keeps our brand identity close to that vision.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs), Flat Design and Material Design have surfaced to become resoundingly popular in the past few months, and we want to adapt these technologies and design languages and incorporate them into our identity. We built mobile first, and pushed the comfortability of the user into a fun new place. Everyone’s doing squares and circles, they’re all over the web like an air-born fungal infection – Yum! We want to be edgy – and different.

Pentagons, Hexagons, Octagons – you don’t see these much, if at all, on the Web. Pentagons are cool, but they don’t interlock without hexagons, and Octagons are kind of alright, but they don’t interlock without added squares. We decided to stick with Hexagons, using inspiration from honeycomb formations to create our main site navigation – like Honey Bees, we all work together here at Fruitbowl, and the navigation is a good representation of our team ethos.

If we’re going to take care of a brand’s image, we need to make sure ours is always the best it can be!

Not only have we rebranded on our print material, and website, we’re revamping our social media outlet identities too. We want to convey our fun and loving personality through what we post. We want to break down the barrier between us and users, and have a presence that’s a fun experience for everyone.

We’re looking forward to launching, and being welcomed with open arms – hoping you love our new site, social media strategy and branding.

Fruitbowl Media - 2011 Edition

Fruitbowl Media – 2011 Edition

If you’re like me, then you’ll want to see what we looked like before the transformation. It’s nothing special, pretty generic, and to-the-point – I think I speak for both of us when I say our new design language and brand is a substantial improvement!

We’d apologise for it not being a larger photo, but we don’t want you to look too closely. It’s retired, archived and will never see the light of day again. Goodbye Fruitbowl Media version 3.0!