Why Your Content Isn’t Getting Views

As marketers we spend a great deal of money, time and effort producing amazing content for our audience but sometimes you aren’t getting the traction you thought you would. You’ve got your social scheduling app to spread the content far and wide and you’ve got social share buttons, but still nothing. It can be heart-breaking when your content doesn’t get the traction it deserves.

However, it’s not all down to your content. It’s not all your fault. Wanna know why?

Social media is jam packed full of content from more recognised brands and even the general public.

Not only that, every time you wake up how many email do you have? 30? 40? Even on my private inbox I can get 50 emails before 10am sometimes and it’s hard to sift through it all and find the content that I’m interested it.

Look at your Twitter timeline for 60 seconds, how many new tweets have been posted in that time? Again, this number can be in the hundreds, depending on how many people you are following.
It’s not surprising that many people find it hard to get seen.

Chances are it’s your content distribution strategy that is at fault and not your content. You know your ideal audience, you need to find out where they hang out and what makes them tick. All content must be promoted in these places, whether it’s the relevant LinkedIn or Facebook groups, email lists or StumbleUpon, the possibilities are endless.

Your content should be promoted on the platforms your audience uses but not just once.

You need to post multiple times for people to see your content, and at various different times of the day. SocialBro has a cool tool to tell you when most of your audience is online, use this as a base line. It even integrates with Buffer and can change your schedule accordingly each week, pretty cool right?

However, don’t post the same content five times a day, that’s just spammy and annoying. Instead, have a mix of content ready to go out each day that’s either your own or a mix of yours and other peoples. The post you are focusing on getting more traffic should be posted at various times in the day over the stretch of a few weeks. It may even take some people 3 or 4 times to decide whether they want to consume your content, but don’t give up.

On Facebook and Twitter it’s really easy to boost your posts to reach the relevant audience and this can work wonders. You can target exact audiences and post your content, plus it also makes your content stand out from the rest. Usually I wouldn’t recommend using paid advertising, however it gets brilliant results.

If your content is amazing, it could turn into leads and sales with or without promoting the post. However, leave the promoting to Facebook and Twitter, you don’t want to spread out content just promoting yourself. Your audience doesn’t want to read all about you, no matter how awesome you are (sorry!)