Has Targeted Content Killed Off Traditional Advertising?

Many marketing whizz’s will agree that there are companies who want two-way relationships with their customers and audiences, and there are the ones who use old tactics and shout messages, much like a market stall. The latter is pushing your customers away rather than drawing them in.
Your company needs to engage with your potential clients in ways that you probably aren’t used to. Two-way conversations were meant for phone calls and emails, but now you must implement this into your marketing strategy or you will risk falling behind.

1. Content isn’t just king

Your customers are desperate for content, they look towards the Internet for information or entertainment and they want more high-quality content. The bar has raised my friends, and it’s time you up your game.
Companies who aren’t utilizing content marketing (shame on you!) will fall behind; it’s survival of the fittest. Of course, there are exceptions like small businesses with a defined niche or those that thrive offline but larger, or those who aim to become larger, companies will need to use content marketing or they risk disappearing from sight.
You’ve probably heard that content is king, but it’s not just king. It’s more important than that; it’s more like an emperor.

2. Your customers are turned off by traditional advertising

According to veteran adman Dave Trott, 89% of people don’t remember or even notice adverts. A bit of a waste of time, money and resources, right?
We all go through information overload and tune out of adverts, subliminally we ignore them and we get on with our day. That is unless something takes our fancy and relates to us.

3. Advertising have changed to become more targeted.

Adverts don’t seem as annoying when they are relevant to us, right? You may have noticed banner adverts that seem to follow us and know what websites we’ve been on. These are known as retargeted adverts.
Ie, you may look at a website for a dress and then when you click back onto Facebook, for instance, you see a little square at the side with that dress you want, sometimes even cheaper.
Retargeted adverts have an amazing success rate because people have already expressed interest into the website and would be more likely to go back and buy a product or service. The CTR and conversion rates are much higher.
So as marketers, we should use less untargeted mass advertising and use more targeted adverts instead.

So, will targeted advertising and content marketing kill off traditional advertising completely?

Compared to traditional advertising with a passive audience, content marketing works better as people who are legitimately interested will consume your content and react accordingly.
When you combine content marketing with targeted advertising, your content will be delivered to the relevant audience and won’t annoy them thus making them more likely to convert.
It is highly likely that traditional advertising will be killed off by targeted advertising and content marketing, however there will always be the odd few who still use the more traditional methods.