Your Company Image And Personal Brand

Branding is your reputation and the impression that your company makes. That impression must do two things, say what’s special about your company whilst also portraying you in a positive light. When trying to make an impression, you must know what your Unique Selling Points are, what makes you different from your competitors and makes you stand out from the crowd. Branding is not about relating to your audience, but about convincing your prospects that you are the only company who can solve their problem.

Your Company Image

Having a perfected company image persuades customers that they can trust you and thus they become loyal, as well as becoming  brand ambassadors. Prove that you can walk the walk and talk the talk. Sharing your expertise through valuable content is the fail-safe way to establish thought leadership and build trust. (content marketing gets a mention, again?!)

For instance, if your website is not responsive, your brand will lack credibility as you’re not “up-to-date” like most other businesses. 


To have a polished company image, you must  apply your values in what you do with consistency and clarity. This counts for everything from answering the phone or emails to how you write blogs and appear on social media. An example is if your company is for animal rights, you can’t sell products that have been tested on animals. It’s contradictory to your values and will confuse your customers as to what you are really about.

Personal Brand

Building a brand for your company makes it look more professional and trustworthy, however, it’s not just your brand that matters.  You as a person are a representative of your company, so how you come across when networking or at meetings matters, a lot. People  have their impression of you within 7 seconds of meeting you. Scary, right? Stay polite and professional and try fo follow the other person’s lead. Mirroring other people’s body language can make them feel at ease. It’s usually pretty easy to gauge whether someone can take a joke so use your judgement first. 


When you attend networking groups try not to be stand off-ish and talk to everyone. Again, be polite and make conversation. If you need advice on something, just ask.  Help other people out as much as you can and you will be respected. Try to steer clear about talking about yourself and your business until somebody asks as this is not what networking is about. It’s not about sales pitches, make sure you only pitch when necessary. Networking can make a huge impact on your business whether you realise it or not, it’s not just the people in the room who matter but who they know.

If you do require any help with branding, we are only a message away. Either myself @kellyculver96 or @fruitbowlmedia on Twitter