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If you are looking to refresh your current brand, have current brand guidelines created, or having your new company's branding created we can help.

Starting with meetings with our in house designer George and your account manager, we discuss your requirements including (but of course not limited to) colour schemes, ideas, inspirations from other designs you may like, what your company is about and the way you want to be seen (fun/serious/helpful/all of those) and what your main goal of the company is.

From this initial meeting we then sit down and put pen to paper (or tablet depending on the design) and create 3-5 different designs. That includes logos and mocks up of standard stationary. This is then sent to you so you have time to choose which ones you like, and provide any feedback.

Once we have this feedback we then incorporate any changes and polish the design ready for your approval. Depending on what else you need we can also write branding guidelines for you company, design business cards, letterhead paper and anything else you may need.

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Design encompasses many different skills in the production and maintenance of websites. At Fruitbowl Media we can help with a broad range such as web graphic design, user interface design (UI design), and user experience design (UX design).

When designing a website we first look at what the main objective of the site is. This could be from simply raising awareness of a brand to a full e-commerce shop. Using wire frames for the site we will discuss with you to identify the optimum layout of the elements within your site. This is also where the UI/UX design comes in to ensure that your end users are reaching that important goal.
Our graphic designer will then take your brand (if you have one - if not we can create one for you) and create your sites design. Once approved we move onto coding your site using the latest web standards with support for all major browsers back to IE8 (if you wish).

Where traditional websites were built in "960" (960px wide), they can now be built to display on phones, tablets, wide screens and of course still the traditional "960". Depending on what your target audience is - we can build a fully device optimised site allowing your content to be displayed the right way for your target customers.

If you already have a website and are looking to have it updated - or modernised - we are able to produce real results. We can work with a magnitude of HTML and CSS frameworks ensuring that your site layout and design stays consistent throughout.

Like What You See? — We Don't Blame You!
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We pride ourselves in making sure everything we design is beautiful. Beauty takes all shapes however when it comes to your web or print work it should be pixel perfect - and that is what you will get with us.