Domain Name Purchase
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Never purchased a domain before? It is pretty simple (just like buying something from Amazon but without getting something you can physically touch.) We can do this if you're really not sure about it. As long as the domain you want isn't already taken and available (no, we can't buy-out anyone if they have your domain name), we'll purchase it on your behalf and invoice you for the domain. Have a quick look now, is it available?

Okay, you have a domain name, now what?

Having a domain name doesn't mean you can put your site on the web — you'll also need a hosting plan and the DNS set up. We offer this in the same package, and can be done in no time at all. Continue reading to find out who we use and why.

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We can offer you shared hosting. We currently have two options we can provide you:-

The first is on This is a dedicated hosting package for Wordpress sites. Their support team is second to none and know Wordpress like the back of their hand. It includes lots of cool features such as automatic backups, virus scanning, firewalls and its own CDN (Content Delivery Network) which reduces the strain on your site and speeds things up the delivery of your content.

The second platform is Media Temple (mt). This is for sites which are normally non wordpress sites (flat file or a custom CMS system). Media Temple have established a solid system and can handle the needs of the majority of sites on the web today.

If your web application needs something a little more powerful, bespoke or custom set ups we can also be done on request.

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DNS stands for Domain Name System. It is the system which allows users to get to your site, send emails and much more. It is the backbone of the internet.

Being the backbone of how internet services work we have become a dab hand in getting it set up quickly, efficiently and correctly for you.

We may need access to your accounts to manage your DNS, so keep that password clean (we have funny stories!). We'll keep the web-dev lingo down to a minimum and get what you need completed!

We tend to use a third party DNS which also incorporates a caching system which helps reduce strain on your site and mitigates against most DDoS attacks however we can use any service that you or your team need or want to use

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If your website was built by us, we will train you up on how to use it if you need it.

Our training course allows for two of your staff members up to one hour of training. We'll also give you a take-away guide on how to use your site for future reference if you get stuck and forget, or hire new team members, at no extra charge — what's the point in having an awesome site, if you can't remember how to use it?!

If your site was not built by us, we can also provide a training course. We can get our heads around systems pretty quickly and can show you and your team how to get the most out of your site. This service is not free of charge, and will require us to get our heads around your system prior to your training course.

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Sometimes you may just be too busy to update your website.

Your site might be CMS, or it might be flat-file, but your time is more important than sitting working out how to code or remembering how to add lots of content quickly.

We can update and add new content for you — while you and your team focus on what you do best.

We charge per minute, for however long it took us. We aim to be as transparent and fair as possible, which is why we don't have hidden fees, urgent fees, minimum fees or 'call-out' charges. If the update took 23 minutes - you will get charged for 23 minutes — Simple, and quite simply how it should be!

Need a hand?
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There is no shame in asking for help and as a great man once sort of said: "Help will always be given at Fruitbowl to those who ask for it" (- Dumbledore, 2007). From purchasing your domain name to training your team - we will always be on hand to help.